It was All4LOVE

Cassie and Jenna met while walking in the neighborhood.  Jenna was out looking to make friends.  Cassie was on her first walk after having artificial disk replacement surgery. Jenna had no idea the friendly woman she encountered would soon become a second mother to her family. Cassie had no idea this eager neighbor was about to become not only a friend, but a soul sister.  Their paths intertwined for a calling bigger than themselves. It was all for love.

Six months after their friendship began, Cassie found herself shepherding Jenna through the tragic loss of her husband, Steve, who was nearly killed in an accident. For months Steve lie in a coma, suffering from a severe traumatic brain injury.  Cassie not only physically supported Jenna and her family, but spiritually guided them through the worst time of their lives. Together, Jenna and Cassie made meaning out of all people’s suffering, not just their own. Jenna poured her heart out onto a daily Caring Bridge blog about Steve’s accident. The blog became a portal for these two women to help others find what they had found in themselves:

When we live our lives all for love, we find unconditional happiness, even during times of great tragedy.

Cassie and Jenna are called to share the wisdom they have acquired to help all people find unconditional happiness through unconditional love. That is the essence of All4LOVE.

Cassie— AKA Cassoulet

Jenna nicknamed Cassie “Cassoulet” for her warmth, comforting soul, and depth of Spirit. Cassie is certified in mindfulness and meditation for children and adolescents, and volunteers with The Girl Scouts. She has completed Byron Katie’s Nine Day School in The Work, and other similar types of inner work trainings. Cassie volunteers her time doing inner work with former prisoners through the Inside Circle Foundation.

Jenna— AKA Muscles

Cassie nicknamed Jenna “Muscles,” because she was physically becoming stronger using one of Steve’s recovery technologies, Vasper Systems, but also “muscling through life.” Jenna was strong through it all— her husband’s dire state, fighting for Steve’s impossible recovery, and finding joy amidst suffering. Jenna’s experience living her life All4LOVE was born from Steve’s tragic accident. She discovered a hidden passion for writing, as she revealed the harrowing circumstances unfolding around her family via Steve’s Caring Bridge blog.

Muscles and Cassoulet are committed to sharing the wisdom they have gained emerging from the tough times they have separately endured by focusing on LOVE.