Welcome to All4LOVE.

This is a sneak peak into what we are building. We are a work-in-progress— officially launching in 2019!

We want to teach people how to LOVE themselves; then, provide support in spreading LOVE to others.

To live your life all for love means:

I first learn to LOVE myself, and then spread LOVE to others by letting LOVE guide my thoughts, words, and actions.

We want to guide people to live their lives All4LOVE by teaching, supporting, promoting, and elevating this concept. This is our vision:

TEACH: First, we will teach by offering practical steps for living your life All4LOVE, starting with loving yourself. We teach through the content on our website, weekly newsletter, step-by-step guide, podcasts, speaking engagements, and publications.

SUPPORT: Second, we will support your unique journey by providing a resource directory of evidence based healing therapies to help ease the shift into an All4LOVE state. Additionally, we will provide product and resource recommendations, one-on-one counseling, an interactive community fostering mentorship, meet-up groups, and testimonials.

PROMOTE: Third, we will promote people who are living their lives All4LOVE and making a difference in the world. We call them beacons. We aim to increase the footprint of hundreds of beacons by raising awareness of a wide range of causes they are supporting by living their lives All4LOVE.

ELEVATE: Fourth, for people who struggle financially, we offer assistance educating them about, connecting them to, and following their progress engaging in evidence based therapies and procuring the resources they need at a reduced rate or for free.

This is a journey—not a destination. Every single human being is welcome. All we ask is that you promise to take the journey. We are here to support you along the way with guidance, resources, and of course, LOVE.

What happens when you live your life All4LOVE? You find unconditional happiness.

We are a donation based organization spreading LOVE one person at a time. You are welcome to buy an All4LOVE necklace, sign up for our budding newsletter, or send us feedback letting us know what we can do to help you. Thank you for visiting!


All4LOVE Heart Necklace

Created by beacon, Lisa Reuff, the All4LOVE Heart Necklace is the size of your actual heart. When you put on your necklace each morning, you remind yourself of your promise to lead a heart-centered life.

A portion from the sale of each necklace funds an orphanage in Haiti and trauma therapy for at-risk youth and young adults.

Purchase an All4LOVE Heart Necklace

Beacon Spotlight

You know when someone lights up a room— shining light on everyone they meet? We call them beacons. They are everywhere, doing all kinds of things, in all kinds of professions, from all walks of life—inspiring those of us fortunate enough to cross their paths. Beacons are making a difference in their corner of the world and we want to support their devotion helping others and increase their impact even more!

Some people were born this way; others stumbled into this state through tragedy or a defining moment in their lives. Some survived horrific childhoods; others glided through life with a storybook upbringing. Some overcame insurmountable health issues; others have never broken a bone. For some, the promise to let LOVE guide their lives is effortless; for others it’s taken loads of skinned knees.

Each unique story is valued and accepted. We are simply here to share. In sharing hundreds of stories of how people promise to let LOVE guide their thoughts, words, and actions, we hope to inspire your journey too.

We love you unconditionally. We love you for YOU.